*Ensure that you have waxed at lease 2 days prior to when       you book your tan.

* Shaving should be done the day before your tanning                appointment.

* Have a shower and exfoliate before your tanning                      appointment. 

*  Do not moisturise or wear make up or deodorant to your       appointment as this will interfere with the tanning                   solution.

* Where dark loose fitting clothes to your tanning                        appointment.


* Shower 2 hours after your tan (as we use 2 hour rapid tan)

* Moisturise ...... Nivea is best!

* Your tan will continue to develop for up to 8 hours after          showering so do not do any vigorous exercise, take long,        hot baths or swim during this time as it will adversely affect    the development of your tan. 

* To help you get the best from your tan, use a tan extender     like our Vani-T Bronzing Custard.  You can purchase this         from the studio or advise your tanning technician when         booking your mobile tanning appointment and we can           bring some with us for you to purchase.